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"The Clone Wars" review: Feel, don't think.

since fandango asked my opinion of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", here it is:

"The Clone Wars" was exciting and fun, so long as you don't think too hard about plausibility within the Star Wars universe (would a padawan really behave with such sass toward her master? would one of the galaxy's biggest crime lords really take the words of Obi-wan or Dooku at face value?). It's an action filled ride that presumes a little audience familiarity with the Star Wars galaxy. While full of bloodless battle scenes, there is light-heartedness with droid humor. While the kids and casual fans might enjoy it most, nitpicking fans will find a lot to pick apart. With little space action, the movie doesn't quite reach the epic scale associated with Star Wars films, but as a lead-in to the TV series, it works fine. Also, stick around to the end of the credits.

and now a few nitpicks that Whitney and I came up with:
* While tween-aged girls in America might treat their adults with sass, is it realistic for Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi Temple-raised (presumably?) youngling-now-padawan to give some lip to Anakin and Obi-wan? She wants to prove that she's not a kid, but acting disrespectful to her masters seems out of place with what we've seen with other younglings who are generally acting meek and humble in front of their elders.
* Jabba appears to believe Dooku's word (and evidence) without proof, (or even Obi-wan's word). You don't get to be a major crime lord by trusting anyone with an agenda who comes to you with "proof" of things without examining it yourself. Sure, the Jedi are supposedly trustworthy, but even a Hutt knows that when Jedi are fighting Jedi for your favor, they might be lying.
* Relative abilities of the fighting forces - both in the opening battles, and the main battles, the elite clonetroopers don't feel very elite - they mostly get plastered by the battle droids, and the Jedi do most of the work (to make the Jedi the real heroes, obviously). it seems that very few droids are actually killed by the clones, yet the droids are shown to be not terribly competent (or at least the droid commanders are not, judging by the battle droid humor). so this puts the clones at being even less competent (of course, there is the issue of numbers...)
* in Revenge of the Sith, Grievous' magnaguard droids are shown to be quite a formidable challenge for two of the best fighters among the Jedi, yet here, three are taken down by a noob with a baby on her back. perhaps the ones in ROTS are better programmed?
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