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reading "Death Troopers"

I just finished reading Death Troopers, the latest Star Wars novel, and first foray into novel-length horror in the Star Wars franchise. Not the first horror in SW, as we had the Goosebumps-inspired "Galaxy of Fear" series for kids some years back, and few comic tales that definitely were going for spooky.

Overall, Joe Schreiber's first SW novel is a quick read, full of action as a small group of survivors on the Imperial prison barge Purge realize that everyone around them is dying of a sickness... and then the bodies disappear.(highlight to read spoilers): because they are now coming after them to eat them. yup, zombies. space zombies that eventually can learn, and use blasters.

I was surprised by the appearance of the characters who were in solitary confinement, and while it was cool to have them, it also added that bubble effect that surround main characters and sometimes really cocky side characters (like Henchmen 21 and 24), and also any Jon Hamm character.

They got me!
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I'm not a big fan of horror (in print or on the screen), although i do like a good zombie flick every now and then (and World War Z). not so big on vampires. actually not true, considering that i have enjoyed Mario Avecedo's works, and of course Buffy. just not the standard romancey vampire stuff. when i was young, i could read something by John Bellairs that would definitely give me chills. this book despite its great imagery really didn't bring those chills to my spine. maybe i'm beyond that. or maybe reading this book in the middle of the day keeps my senses grounded. (although i did entertain the notion that the sound of footsteps approaching my door was not the letter carrier but of doom-bringing monsters). or maybe sci-fi horror is outside my normal scare zone... it's not real cuz it's in space!

Schreiber did throw in a few twists in the right places, so that the novel has a good level of the unpredictability thrown in. He also blends in some things that we don't always get in SW novels: droids just being regular droids, and getting inside the POV of ChewbaccaOverall, an enjoyable page-turner!
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