feeling more productive

this week has been a good one for me - i think the new meds are finally kicking in with providing extra motivation and energy. besides updating the landmark blog on monday (see previous post), i made a pot of butternut squash and kale minestrone soup, and finally got around to making a photobook from our vacation last october - i've decided to break the trip into 3 books for the cruise, so i finished the first book: malaga, casablanca and tangier. and that means i finally got around to posting photos from that part of the trip:

Day 1ish: Arriving in Malaga and exploring the marina, Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.

Day 2ish: At Sea aboard the Star Flyer, setting sail from Malaga, and a sea day out in the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco.

Day 3: Visiting Casablanca - the Hassan II Mosque, the medina, Mohammed V Square, and more.

Day 4: Morning at sea, arriving in Tangier, traveling to Tetouan and walking through the street market and medina, then returning to Tangier, and setting sail again.

and i made a video of Malaga just now:

Back to the historical landmark blog

After a few months off (vacation, holidays, etc.) - i got back into the swing of writing up historical landmarks after visiting the Bancroft Ranch House this past weekend on a tour by the San Diego Archaeology Center.

Go check out my write-up of the landmark site!

Is this a sign of greater motivation? Perhaps so!

Also my latest fruit/vegetable unboxing video:

Europe 2013: 1 - Malaga

P1210565 view of the Cathedral from the AlcazabaP1210412 The lads are ready to take off for an adventure in EuropeP1210413 Fish on a plane!P1210414 Whitney in Brussels airportP1210415 sculpture in Brussels airportP1210416 the Giraffes find a sculpture in a terminal at the Brussels airport
P1210417 This may be our plane. But it's not.P1210418 Welcome to Malaga!P1210419 Welcome to a cafe at the Malaga Costa Del Sol airportP1210420 driving through MalagaP1210421 driving through MalagaP1210423 Marques de Larios statue on Alameda Principal
P1210424 our hotel, the AC Hotel Málaga Palacio by MarriottP1210425 view of the marina from our hotel roomP1210426 looking at the port of MalagaP1210427 La Farola (lighthouse of Malaga)P1210428 the gang checks out the view of the Malaga harborP1210429 we like lighthouses!
P1210430 Monument to poet Salvador RuedaP1210431 me and the Salvador Rueda monumentP1210432 view of the lighthouse and boats along the marinaP1210433 walking along the marina, at the Alborania MuseumP1210434 Lucy and Jim and some baobab trees?P1210435 view of the Gibralfaro castle above Malaga

Europe 2013: 1 - Malaga, a set on Flickr.

So here's the first batch of photos from our trip to Europe: Our day or so in Malaga, where we arrived and spent a night prior to our cruise departure. Malaga dates back over 3,000 years, and we saw Roman ruins, Moorish castles and gardens, and a cool park and marina front.


Cabrillo Festival 2013


Cabrillo Festival 2013, a set on Flickr.

On Sunday, I attended the 2013 Cabrillo Festival, which celebrates the 1542 landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese mariner sailing for Spain, in San Diego Bay. This year marked the fiftieth annual Cabrillo Festival, and it was held at Ballast Point, at Naval Base Point Loma. This is one of the few times the public is allowed on the Navy's base, where the submarine fleet is harbored.

The festival is a celebration of Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and American cultures, completed with music, dance, and food! The highlight of the event is a re-enactment of Cabrillo's landing, with a sailing ship dropping off a longboat, which rows to the shore. Cabrillo, two flagbearers and a priest wade ashore, claim the land through planting the flags and reading a proclamation.


Photos from Germany

Here's a link to the photos from my trip to Germany, focusing on the non-Star Wars Celebration Europe parts of the trip. There's some shots of traveling via train to Saarlouis (and getting off at the wrong station, Luisenthal), hanging out with Monica and Patrick and the kids in Saarlouis, taking the train up north through Trier and Koblenz to Essen, and a nice dawn walk in the Grugapark in Essen, next to the convention center.

Journey to Germany

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