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the Secret Plan revealed!

so you might have heard me make mention of the Secret Plan. well, as of today, I don't have to keep it a secret anymore!

After organizing the Rocket Race last fall, Dan and I thought it would be cool to bring that type of event to Star Wars Celebration IV, the big official star wars convention, happening over Memorial Day weekend in Los Angeles to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. And so now, we are proud to announce that on Memorial Day, we are putting on a puzzle race, the Kessel Run, at the convention.

The announcement hasn't gone up on starwars.com yet, but we've been allowed to start promoting it, and so here i am.

here's the official description:

Kessel Run

Calling all would-be smugglers and starship pilots to compete in the Kessel Run: a galactic race of wits, speed, and luck. Teams of two to four will be competing in a mental challenge around the Celebration IV grounds. The Kessel Run will be held on Monday, May 28th and will put your Star Wars skills to the test for a few hours. Can you beat the Millennium Falcon’s record?

At the start of the race, each team will receive a race passport and the first clue. Solving the clue will guide the team to their destination, where they will get a passport stamp and their next clue. Solving clues might involve some Star Wars trivia, cracking an Imperial code, or solving a Sith puzzle. After solving a series of clues and traveling the galaxy, teams will be competing to be first across the finish line, with a set of passport stamps in the correct order.

The Hutts sponsoring the Kessel Run are looking to divide the field into three divisions:

* Jedi Padawan level – suitable for teams with children or are casual Star Wars fans.
* Jedi Knight level – suitable for teams who know Star Wars, but also know that there are fans who know more than they do.
* Jedi Master level – suitable for teams who know, live, and breathe all things Star Wars. If you regularly win on the first turn of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, this difficulty level is for you.

The Kessel Run is open to all Celebration IV participants, but spots are limited to 100 teams. Teams must have at least two racers, and no more than four racers. Registration for the race prior to the convention can be done by <>. A waiting list will be kept in case additional slots open up if demand warrants, and there may be sign-ups at Celebration IV for fill-in spots as well.

The Kessel Run is being coordinated by Dan Hamman & James Floyd, organizers of the San Diego Rocket Race, an annual sci-fi themed urban puzzle race.

How the Kessel Run works:

Before the race, each team will receive their race passport. Upon the start of the race, each team will receive a packet of clues. When the clues are properly solved, it will direct the team to a location on the convention grounds where the team will be given a stamp in their passport and a new packet. The entire team must be present to receive the stamp and the next clue. These clues will lead the team to another location, where their passport will be stamped again and more clues will be given out, and so on. After eight stamps are received, teams will be sent to the finish line.

Teams are free to use any resources at their disposal in solving the clues, including cell phones, reference books, holocrons, Internet-capable devices, the will of the Force, etc. Traveling in the race may only be done on foot – no podracers, bicycles, tauntauns, skates, rocket packs, carts or other forms of personal transportation are allowed (except for strollers for young children and wheelchairs for those requiring mobility assistance). Teams may consult with outside individuals or other teams, but no harassing other teams, race staff or non-participants through physical, verbal or Force-powered means -- no disintegrations!

When a team solves their final clue and reaches the finish line, their team name and finishing time shall be recorded. In each division, the team with the fastest time and a correctly stamped race passport shall be crowned the Kessel Run champions.

I've started a thread about this on theforce.net's Celebration IV boards but need help getting the buzz out there.
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